creates a mosaic of several MODIS tiles in HDF format, using MRT mrtmosaic software or GDAL library.

Usage [options] hdflist_file


GUI for
General options:
                      (Required) the name or prefix (for VRT) of output
  -s SUBSET, --subset=SUBSET
                      a subset of product layers. The string should be
                      similar to: 1 0 [default: all layers]

Options for GDAL:
  -f OUTPUT_FORMAT, --output-format=OUTPUT_FORMAT
                      output format supported: GTiff, HDF4Image
  -v, --vrt           Create a GDAL VRT file. No other GDAL options have to
                      been set

Options for MRT:
  -m MRT_PATH, --mrt=MRT_PATH
                      (Required) the path to MRT software


Using the MODIS Reprojection Tool

Convert all the layers of several tiles -m "/usr/local/bin/" -o FILE_mosaic MOSAIC_FILES_LIST

Convert LAYERS of several LST MODIS tiles -s "1 0 1 0" -m "/usr/local/bin/" -o FILE_mosaic MOSAIC_FILES_LIST

Using GDAL

Convert the first LAYERS of several tiles with resolution 1km in GeoTIFF format -o FILE_mosaic.tif -s "1"  MOSAIC_FILES_LIST

Create a mosaic with all the layers of several tiles in HDF4Image format -o FILE_mosaic.hdf -f HDF4Image MOSAIC_FILES_LIS

Create VRT file for all subset. It creates a VRT file for each subset with the chosen prefix (-o flag) and the name of layer as suffix -o mosaic_vrt -v MOSAIC_FILES_LIS