downloads MODIS data from NASA FTP servers. It can download large amounts of data and it can be profitably used with cron jobs to receive data with a fixed delay of time.


Remember to register yourself at, read more at User and password session.


The script is able also to read the .netrc file. You have to add something similar to this


Usage [options] destination_folder


GUI for
-h  --help        shows the help message and exit
-u  --url         http/ftp server url [default=]
-I   --input      insert user and password from standard input
-P  --password    password to connect
-U  --username    username to connect
-t  --tiles       string of tiles separated by comma
                  [default=none] for all tiles
-s  --source      directory on the http/ftp server
-p  --product     product name as on the http/ftp server
-D  --delta       delta of day starting from first day [default=10]
-f  --firstday    the day to start download, if you want change
                  data you have to use this format YYYY-MM-DD
                  ([default=none] is for today)
-e  --endday      the day to finish download, if you want change
                  data you have to use this format YYYY-MM-DD
                  ([default=none] use delta option)
-x                useful for debugging the download
-j                download also the jpeg files [default=False]
-O                download only one day, it sets delta=1 [default=False]
-A                download all days, useful for initial download of a
                  product. It overwrites the 'firstday' and 'endday'
                  options [default=False]
-r                remove files with size same to zero from
                  'destination_folder'  [default=False]


Download Terra LST data for a month for two tiles from HTTP server -I -r -t h18v03,h18v04 -f 2008-01-01 -e 2008-01-31 lst_terra/

Download the last 15 days of Aqua LST data -I -r -s MOLA -p MYD11A1.005 -t h18v03,h18v04 -D 15 lst_aqua/

Download all tiles of NDVI for one day (you have pick the right day otherwise it does not download anything) -U user -P passwd -r -p MOD13Q1.005 -f 2010-12-31 -O

Download Snow product from FTP server -I -u -p -s SAN/MOST -p MOD10A1.005