optparse_required module

Module to extend optparse, it add required options and new types to use into gui module.


class pymodis.optparse_required.OptionParser(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: optparse.OptionParser

Extend optparse.OptionParser

check_values(values, args)[source]

Check if value is required for an option

class pymodis.optparse_required.OptionWithDefault(*opts, **attrs)[source]

Bases: optparse.Option

Extend optparse.Option add required to the attributes and some new types for the GUI

ATTRS = ['action', 'type', 'dest', 'default', 'nargs', 'const', 'choices', 'callback', 'callback_args', 'callback_kwargs', 'help', 'metavar', 'required']
TYPES = ('string', 'int', 'long', 'float', 'complex', 'choice', 'file', 'output', 'directory')

optparse_gui module

A drop-in replacement for optparse (“import optparse_gui as optparse”) Provides an identical interface to optparse(.OptionParser), But displays an automatically generated wx dialog in order to enter the options/args, instead of parsing command line arguments



class pymodis.optparse_gui.Option(*opts, **attrs)[source]

Bases: optparse.Option

Extended optparse.Option class

ACTIONS = ('store', 'store_const', 'store_true', 'store_false', 'append', 'append_const', 'count', 'callback', 'help', 'version', 'group_name')
ATTRS = ['action', 'type', 'dest', 'default', 'nargs', 'const', 'choices', 'callback', 'callback_args', 'callback_kwargs', 'help', 'metavar', 'required']

alias of Option

TYPED_ACTIONS = ('store', 'append', 'callback', 'group_name')
TYPES = ('string', 'int', 'long', 'float', 'complex', 'choice', 'file', 'output', 'directory', 'group_name')
class pymodis.optparse_gui.OptionParser(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: optparse.OptionParser

Extended optparse.OptionParser to create the GUI for the module


alias of OptionParser


Return an error message with wx.MessageDialog

Parameters:msg (str) – is the error string to pass to message dialog
parse_args(args=None, values=None)[source]

This is the heart of it all overrides optparse.OptionParser.parse_args

  • arg – is irrelevant and thus ignored, it’s here only for interface compatibility
  • values – is irrelevant and thus ignored, it’s here only for interface compatibility
class pymodis.optparse_gui.OptparseDialog(optParser, title, parent=None, ID=0, pos=wx.Point(-1, -1), size=wx.Size(-1, -1), style=536877120)[source]

Bases: wx._windows.Dialog

The dialog presented to the user with dynamically generated controls, to fill in the required options.

  • optParser – the optparse object
  • title (str) – the title to add in the GUI
  • parent – the parent GUI
  • ID (int) – the ID of GUI
  • pos – the position of GUI
  • size – the dimension of GUI
  • style – the style of GUI

Based on the wx.Dialog sample from wx Docs & Demos


Parse the options and args

Returns:a dictionary of option names and values, a sequence of args

Choose file


File changed

exception pymodis.optparse_gui.UserCancelledError[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception



Create the label for an option, it add the required string if needed

Parameters:option – and Option object